Sunday, August 18, 2013

Scott Andrews.....Proof You are Crazy not to Diversify Your Trading

Many traders believe that investors only need to diversify to be successful. But that simply is not true!

No single trading strategy works all the time and diversification can help during the tough stretches by REDUCING your draw downs. Best of all, diversification (done properly) can also ACCELERATE your equity without increasing your overall risk.

Check out this excellent video by our friend Scott Andrews from Master The Gap as he explains the ins and outs of trading diversification. No opt-in required.

The Power of Diversification

During this short, compelling video, Scott explains:

• Why asset diversification is not enough
• 7 ways traders can diversify
• The right vs. wrong way to diversify
• Equity curve example (the power of complementary strategies)
• And much more

Watch This Video Now

Don't worry; there is NO SALES PITCH in this presentation. It's just solid information from a conservative trader that we believe everyone should consider.

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Proof You are Crazy not to Diversify Your Trading

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