Saturday, June 13, 2015

Heard of the "10 Bagger" Trade?

The term '10 bagger' trade has been around for a while now but frankly it's never been a legitimate strategy for growing any size account.
That's what I thought until I saw it done consistently in the video below. There are 3-4 examples of '10 bagger' trades and detail on the HOW and WHY.

Check it out here:

 WATCH: 10 Bagger Trade Examples
  • In this video John Carter shows you: 
  • How he made that famous million dollar trade 
  • The #1 goal of every trader uses to consistently make money
  • The difference between trading for income and trading for growth
  • Why you don't want to put it all on one big trade because you can have consistent account growth 
  • The best vehicle you can use to grow an account fast
  • Examples of trades made this year you could have used to grow your account. 
 See you in the market,
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