Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Rise of the Trading Machines…. HFT vs. Me, You and John Carter

Today our trading partner John Carter of Simpler Trading poses this important question to us. Do we have the tools to trade in the face of high frequency trading and the “Rise of the High Frequency Trading Machines”.

It’s no secret that all us [that’s me, you and John] are at a huge disadvantage 100% of the time compared to the high frequency traders, the HFT. So what do we do to trade against the HFT, where do we start?

We start right here by checking out John’s great new free video that gives us some of the best examples we have seen yet on how they, the HFT, do this do us. And thanks to John you and I are not in this alone.

        Just Click Here to Watch John’s New Video

        Here’s a sample of what John has learned……

            •   How to protect himself against high frequency traders

            •   How to take advantage of what high frequency traders are doing

            •   How to “get in front of” the high frequency traders

Watch the video today then prepare yourself to jump into the nuances of trading against the “Rise of the High Frequency Trading Machines” with John next Tuesday and two free webinars.

        Here is what we’ll cover on Tuesday……

            •   How HFT firms are causing you to lose money trading

            •   How they front run your orders to catch a move without you

            •   Why individual investors are at a disadvantage

            •   How HFT sees what’s happening in the market before you do

            •   Why HFT firms have a competitive advantage

            •   How HFT firms are making billions by pickpocketing you

        Just pick which webinar and time works best for you…..Register Now!

                Tuesday April 29th - 1 p.m. eastern time

                Tuesday April 29th - 8 p.m. eastern time

Get your seat now, because as you probably already know, all of John’s free webinars fill up well before the day of the presentation. Sign up today then make sure to log on 10-15 minutes early on Tuesday to guarantee you keep your seat.

    Until then we’ll see you in the market!

Just click here to check out John’s wildly popular book “Mastering the Trade” on

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