Wednesday, November 20, 2013

So Many Reasons Why You Should Trade Options on ETFs

Our trading partner John Carter of Simpler Options is back with another great video. And as usual it's a total game changer. One of my favorite aspects of John's new video lesson is that he shows us how we can take advantage of trading ETF's using options. And since the market makers can't control the movement in these tickers...well, simply put..... they can't screw with us!

While there is many "highly capitalized" fund managers using Johns methods these trading techniques still work great for traders with small accounts. This makes it easy for the retail investor to level the playing field. Yet another reason trading ETF's using options has become the favorite of so many home gamers and professional fund managers alike.

Never traded options? Stop shying away from this type of trading. John is going to make this very easy to understand and you'll be able to put this to work on your own favorite ETF's in your favorite sector.

So go ahead and click here to watch John's free video "The Secret Life of ETF Options" 

After watching the video please feel free to leave a comment, we want to hear what you think of John's methods.

Good trading, we'll see you in the markets....the ETF markets!
The HFU Staff

Watch "Nine Reasons Why You Should Trade Options on ETFs"

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