Sunday, April 14, 2013

A New Twist to Low Risk, Low Stress, High Frequency Trading

Our friends at Premier Trader University have been hinting at it for awhile now it's finally ready for release. The Premier Trader University Trend Jumper. And on April 18, we're going to release to our HFU readers.

Here is just a sample of what this dynamic new program will do.......

*   Instructions on How to Capture Profitable High Frequency, Low Risk Trades in Forex, Futures and Options Markets... Even With a Small Account!

*   An Awesome "See It To Believe It" Live Demo of the Software, Rules, and Markets & Time Frames

*   Directions on "How to Get" Trend Jumper Before It Goes Off the Market Again.

If you are looking for a flexible, no stress trading system with plenty of action you have got to attend this webinar. Because on Thursday, we're pulling back the curtain and showing you just how simple this is to use.

Just visit this link, type in your info and we'll send your webinar login information immediately.

See you in the markets!

Ray C. Parrish
Hedge Fund University

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