Thursday, March 7, 2013

Forget Forex.....Options Strategies for any Account Size

More and more traders are trying their luck in the options trading game. But it has nothing to do with luck. It simply has to do with "time decay", the inevitable passing of time and the hope of reducing your risk and improving your odds of taking a profit before the clock runs out.

This is not an area of the market that anyone should blindly take a spin at. You need to understand the adjustability and broad range of trade structure that allows you to profit whether you are confronting a low volatility market, sideways or consolidating conditions, or a high volatility marketplace.

We get messages here at Hedge Fund University on a regular basis asking us to recommend options set ups and make suggestions on our members trades. We pass these messages on to one of two options traders that have become the most highly regarded options traders around. J.W. Jones and John Carter.

This week John has put together a video for us explaining how he is using options as income trades, no matter what the account size. What's interesting is he literally "gives" us the set ups that he uses on his own accounts. You need to see why these trades can be used on any size account and still be profitable. I think this will interest a lot of home gamers and pros alike who are trying to break into options trading. A market that has grown by 500% in the last decade.

One of the things that has made so many people resistant to options trading is just how complicated the talking heads on TV make options trading sound as they rush through their trade of the week. John teaches more about options income trading in a few minutes then you've read in most books.

Here's just a sample of what John will show us in this short video......

* How he made $52,875.00 last week trading Google Options

* His favorite options trading strategy for generating income

* Trading Setups with a probability of 75%

* How to limit your risk when the trade goes against you and much more

Grab a pen and paper so you can take some notes then just click here to watch the video. It's only 12 minutes long and in that short time I think John will change your mindset when it comes to options.

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