Sunday, January 27, 2013

Meet Our Expert Trading Analysts - Chris Vermeulen

Over the course of the next few weeks we will be introducing you to all of our Hedge Fund University contributors. We want you to get to know every one of them on a more personal level as they all bring something very different to the table. Learn all you can from every one of these great traders and you will develop a method of your own that we will be writing about someday.

So today let us introduce you to Chris Vermeulen, Founder and Chief Market Analyst at The Technical Traders Ltd.

Chris is the primary analyst and moderator of  The Gold & Oil He has extensive experience trading stocks, indices, ETFs, CFDs and Futures. His next-generation trading style has been thoroughly refined over the years, blending the best of all that has come before with the cutting-edge approaches that have only been possible with modern advances in systems and diverse technologies. He believes he represents the ideal combination of both the old and new school trading techniques including pioneering a number of breakthroughs entirely his own.

In His Own Words

“More simply, I hate to lose on any trade, so I’ve evolved my own models with an emphasis on yielding a superior win ratio, without having to be too conservative on the types of trades I’ll take. I can aim high so that we can win big… but when we lose, we aim to always pinch those losses as small as possible. Many of my competitors tout crazy high profit potentials, but they seem to employ models that deliver crazy high loss realities for their subscribers. How they stay in business, I don’t understand. What I do understand is that subscribers must see bottom line results. While at a quick glance my market analysis does not look real exciting, my videos help individuals learn how the market works, and understand why specific price levels have a high probability of moving in the expected direct.

Technical Traders Ltd. has thoroughly established a stellar reputation as a provider of lower risk solutions for traders seeking bigger returns without the roller coaster risk. You’ve probably seen me on many of the financial websites and publications. I’m proud of the fact that so many find what I have to offer so valuable.

My goals are simple: to provide my subscribers with novice-friendly analysis & outstanding trader education and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, to help people just like you make a lot of money while growing their trading knowledge & confidence.

The market is something I literally think about every waking hour. My life’s work is to not only out perform the market each year but to also make some real money. I share the fruits of all that labor with my subscribers, always striving to deliver value well beyond my subscription fee. There is no other business more intriguing, exciting or potentially more profitable than being involved in the markets!

Join me and I’ll work extraordinarily hard toward helping you grow as a trader while realizing opportunities and profits.”

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